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Vrijstaat Land van Ravenstein - Mobile Application

The App

The Vrijstaat Land van Ravenstein application is a dutch application that I made voor Staatspersbureau in Ravenstein the Netherlands.

In the application you can view a map of the area and see highlighted touristic and recreational places. When the user taps one of the drawn in buildings or icons a description page is openend where you can read more about it, listen to fragments of the sounds of that place and see images. Whe you tap one of the place labels you go into the map of the city which holds more places to explore.


  • iOS
  • Android

Download it on your store (only in dutch speaking countries):


The application is made in Unity and develped for iOS and Android. For the backend I used Wordpress with a custom theme to give all the companies that are in the app their own page to edit. To make this as easy as possible for them I customised some parts of Wordpress to lock certain features that they should not edit.