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Vrijstaat Land van Ravenstein - Mobile Application

contractor: Staatspersbureau
in collaboration with: SheepBrush
year: 2019 - Ongoing
more info: Vrijstaat Land van Ravenstein
download: Dutch App Store, Dutch PlayStore or scan the QR code (below) with your phone.

The Vrijstaat Land van Ravenstein app is a touristic application about the area of Ravenstein in the Netherlands. In the app the user sees a map of the area with points of interest that can be tapped for more info and a deeper dive into the history.

We made this app together with SheepBrush for Staatspersbureau. SheepBrush did the app design and we did the development en distribution. The app is made in Unity for it’s cross platform capabilities. Behind the scenes the app makes use of Wordpress to manage the content, on which we created a custom theme. The owners of the different businesses and cultural places can request an account for this backend. With this account they get their own page and can fill in the content to their liking, which is then pushed to the app.

The app can be downloaded on the dutch versions of the App Store and PlayStore (see links above).