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in collaboration with: CreaUnit
status: In Development

SJOOW is, as the pun in the name indicates, an augmented reality app that helps businesses show their inventory in a modern way. Augmented Reality makes it possible to see a product in your own living room without it having to be physically there. This opens up an endless wave of possibilities to show off your brand and products.

The SJOOW app is a template for what is possible with AR and can easily be tailored to the customers needs and branding. We are currently working on a content management system for the app so that you can build your own AR app in your own browser and make it look just as you want it. As a service we can also do it for you or together, this also includes the creation of 3d models and other parts of the content.

The SJOOW app is currently in it’s alpha state and we are looking for businesses that want to take steps into the digital world. For more information please feel free to contact me.